AviaspecMontazh Ltd. works with the following equipment:

Radio and meteorological equipment for air navigation.

Radio equipment is necessary for air traffic management. Security, regularity and meteorological stability of flights are dependent on the performance of such equipment.

AviaSpetsMontazh supplies, assembles and sets up the following radio equipment for airports of any ICAO grade:

Radio communication equipment:

  • Aeronautical communication,
  • Intraairport communication,
  • Radio-link [radio-relay] communications.

Radionavigation equipment:

  • Instrument Landing Systems (ILS),
  • Non-Directional Beacons (NDB) (homers, separate homing stations),
  • Marker beacons,
  • Omnidirectional range systems (VOR, DVOR),
  • Distance-Measuring Equipment (DME),
  • Automatic Direction Finding equipment (ADF).

Radar equipment:

  • Airfield radars,
  • Secondary radars,
  • Airfield surveillance radars,
  • Meteorological radars,
  • Landing radars,
  • Data processing systems.

Control towers:

  • Signal recording systems and facilities,
  • Digital recorders,
  • Automated control stations,
  • Radar data processing facilities,
  • Universal time systems.

Meteorological equipment:

  • Automated meteorological radar facilities of different complexity,
  • Automated switchgear for message communication,
  • Meteorological data transmission and representation systems.

Lighting equipment:

Lighting equipment provides precise visual guidance to an aircraft pilot at the time of take-off, steering and landing by marking the runways, taxi tracks and ramps. Lighting equipment ensures landing under conditions of restricted visibility.

AviaSpetsMontazh supplies, assembles and sets up the following lighting equipment for airports of any ICAO grade:

  • Sets of lighting equipment for airports of any ICAO grade, heliports and helipads,
  • Approach lights of high intensity,
  • Approach lights of low intensity,
  • Portable lighting for airports and heliports,
  • Lighting control equipment,
  • Energy supply and electrical equipment,
  • Diesel generators in different types and automatization grades,
  • Emergency power supply equipment.

Equipment for ramps:

  • High masts equipped with searchlight sets with advanced service technology,
  • Facilities for startup and maintenance of aircrafts in the parking areas.

Fire and security alarm:

  • Fire and security equipment in various sets and configurations.

Special equipment

AviaSpetsMontazh owns facilities for construction and assembly of lighting and radio equipment. They include:

  • Versatile digging machines VOLVO BL-71 with additional hitched implements (dragging buckets, hydrohammer),
  • Universal frontal loaders LOCUST 752 with additional hitched implements (digging implement YPRON, drilling implement LOCUST),
  • Chain traction digging machine, trencher type ETZ-1609,
  • Vibroplates STONE SFP2200A,
  • Vibrating rammers AMMANN,
  • Coring/drilling machine tools CEDIMA BW-400,
  • Coring/drilling machine tools ROBO 3502,
  • Compressor/generators ATLAS COPCO,
  • Compressors PKSD,
  • Compressors PTMZ,
  • Joint cutting machine tools CEDIMA CF2116D

Portable electric power stations and motor pumps for subsoil water pumping, mobile lighting masts for working in the dark provide for comfort under any weather conditions.

In addition AviaSpetsMontazh has Gazel and UAZ car feet allowing easy transportation of personnel and equipment at the airport facility.

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