A priority business area is a comprehensive technical equipment of airports. We provide a full range of design, documentation, providing equipment, technical and service work:

Preparation work

  • Comprehensive survey (technical expertise) of the object;
  • Preparation of technical specifications for the design;
  • Recommendations for optimal solutions based on the specific requirements of the customer;
  • Market analysis of equipment manufacturers;
  • Supply of equipment;
  • Optimization of logistical operations for the delivery of equipment to the object.

Installation, adjustment and commissioning

  • Installation of the radio engineering, lighting and other equipment on the positions;
  • • Implementation of architectural solutions and support facilities (concrete pad, foundations, mast antenna, cable lines, drainage, ventilation and air conditioning, distribution points, installation of emergency power supply);
  • Adjustment of the equipment;
  • Preparations for the "flight inspection" (equipment requiring flight checks);
  • Organization of the flight checks using Aircraft laboratory;
  • Preparation of necessary documentation for certification of equipment.

After-sales service

  • Guarantee (guarantee of the works - 36 months);
  • Maintenance of the facility during the warranty period;
  • Service after the warranty period;
  • Perform routine maintenance;
  • Repair work;
  • Further development of equipment to increase efficiency.

Production facilities

Considering the growing need of airports in quality inexpensive equipment AviaSpetsMontazh has expanded its operation by establishing production facilities. At the production unit in Kaliningrad the company manufactures airfield markers for taxiway borders (MAK No421 certificate) and airport signage with reflecting coating (MAK No422 certificate).

Airfield markers for taxiway borders are necessary for visual guidance for aircraft pilots when steering from the runway. AviaSpetsMontazh manufactures markers for international and small scale airports. Benefits of the markers produced by AviaSpetsMontazh are that they can be attached to any surface (soil, concrete) in different ways.

Airfield signs produced by AviaSpetsMontazh are also designed for visual guidance for the aircraft pilots while steering from the runway and also suit lighting systems of the airports of any ICAO code. AviaSpetsMontazh manufactures the following signs: signs for execution of instructions, directional signs, signs of approximation to the radio beacon. The signs can be attached to any surface (soil, concrete) in different ways.

Among the benefits of AviaSpetsMontazh products is their meteorological stability. Airport markers and signs can withstand air temperature from -50° Ń to +50° Ń, relative humidity to 98% at 25° Ń, salt mist, solar radiation, rain, snow, hoarfrost, glaze ice, vibration in the range from 20 to 2000 Hz with acceleration of gravity 2g, wind stress at the wind speed 100 m/sec (markers) and 50 m/sec (signs).

AviaSpetsMontazh markers and signage are being successfully employed in Kursk and Lensk airports.

ASM – Service

In 2007 AviaSpetsMontazh has opened up an AviaSpetsMontazh – Service subsidiary. The company renders two types of services.

The first type of service is technical maintenance of equipment of foreign manufacture (Transcon (Czechia), Park Air Systems (Norway), Thales (Germany) etc.). This service is especially in great demand as many companies opt for using of foreign equipment and workers able to perform warranty service and repair on such equipment are scarce in Russia. Personnel of AviaSpetsMontazh -Service has the necessary expertise to maintain the equipment complying with all technical standards, delivering original parts to airports and performing warranty service and urgent repair.

The second type of service is airport equipment operation life prolongation. It’s no secret that many Russian airports are short of funds to replace equipment with finished service life. If the equipment does not comply with a certain ICAO grade, state commission performing audit can suspend airport activity.

AviaSpetsMontazh - Service specialists can extend operation life of obsolete equipment by tuning and performing a test flight and produce technical reports and appraisals.


•Efficient workflow - from planning phase to putting of the airport facility into operation – involves all company divisions. Comprehensive range of services.

•AviaSpetsMontazh always takes account of specific character of the Russian market and optimizes its offerings with regard to budget and wishes of the customer.

•Special consideration is given to quality of the delivered equipment and adherence to corporate standard codes and high requirements for assembly and setup quality.

•Customer’s individual treatment strategy, experience and expertise are a characteristic feature of any member of our team.

•All divisions pursue highest comfort in business cooperation.

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